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Tel: +44 (0) 1962 777580

+44 (0) 1425 655503

Sprinte Evolution


SD card for:

  • -Storing information

  • -Updating programs

  • -Operating history

  • -Storing diagrams and technical specifications (record drawings)

MP3 speech synthesis built in.

Can open lift bus communication for card management on the landings and in the car.

The absolute encoder on the car roof millimetre stopping accuracy (optional).


Single trailing cable 

Speech synthesis

Hydraulic traction, traction VVF & MRL

Fault logon SD card, Excel compatible 

Speed up to 1.6m/s (3m/s under trails now)

Electric call control 

Choice of optical reader or absolute encoder

32 floors 

Electrical backstop NF 82-212

Temperature regulation & control management

Site control for provisional movement 

Control: APB, up/down, full collective and multiplexing 4 lifts

Fore landings: A choice of CAN OPEN LIFT BUS or conventional cabling

Click to see the brochure
Click to see the brochure

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