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Tel: +44 (0) 1962 777580

+44 (0) 1425 655503

About Us

Sprinte controllers were incorporated into all the lift packages which were brought into the UK market by Quality Lift Products since 1990’s with Electra-Vitoria manufacturing the mechanical side and Sprinte-EV the controller side. There are an estimated 5,500 units in the UK. In 2007 Orona bought out QLP and Electra-Vitoria and by 2008 the Electra Vitoria product range was shut down and Sprinte were no longer part of the organisation.

In May 2009 Lift & Controller Products were established as the UK agent for Sprinte supplying spare parts for the existing Electra-Vitoria / Sprinte lift packages and to the UK modernization market.

Sprinte launched their new Evolution controller at LIFTEX 2010 which extends their existing fully prewired plug & play system for modernizations into the CAN BUS arena which reduces installation time even further

We approached Kleemann and we now introduce the Kleemann lift package with the Sprinte controller into the UK market covering all lift packages from hydraulic, traction, MRL and bespoke applications.

We are supporting Dunelm Soft furnishing stores lift maintenance portfolio for their EV lift packages with mechanical & electrical spare parts.

This year we have joined with FELESA Spain to provide lift packages with the Sprinte Controller. This is a full range of hydraulic, traction, traction MRL’s products. Sprinte have been undertaking this business link with FELESA in France for the previous year.


We can assist and advise with technical support with the SPRINTE controllers and also provide technical training on site and in France


Using the ASP116 EVOLUTION complete Pre Wired CANBUS plug & play inclusive of COP, LOP’s and positional indicators with DMG or Schaefer pushes in plate or surface mount styles, we can supply off the shelve solutions.


For more bespoke applications such as:-

KONE Monospace modernization

SCHINDLER Smartlift modernization

EV Compactlift modernization

These are on a 4-6 week delivery

We also can support replacement of traction invertors using the GEFRAN invertor


Our spare parts service has expanded and we are able to support SPRINTE and other manufactures including

DMG pushes, COP’s  & indicators;

Scheafer pushes, COP’s and indicators ;

Fermator ;

Setronik ;

GMV ram seal kits ;

Electra-Vitoria consumable parts (ram seal kits, guide rollers, door parts; etc)

Kleemann ;

ALGI ram seal kits


If we do not stock it we can source it for you

We are able to visit your offices should you require full details of our services we provide. In the mean time please find enclosed copies of the Sprinte controller and prices for both stand alone and fully pre wired applications.

Yours sincerely

Alan Richardson